Ginger Water Processing Technology

“Ginger Water Processing Technology Co., Ltd.” is a company with a group of ideals and forethoughtful people.

With innovative ideas that are different from the tradition, we obtain desalination water without any environmental pollution.

The lack of water resources has become a common problem in the world. Not only that, making healthy and natural drinking water directly from seawater is what everyone pursue even more.

On this issue, our company has used the technology of energy-saving and fog-making to achieve a “water filter” with no filter, so that human beings can have the most environmentally friendly water to drink.

Thus, we have specifically introduced the solar energy and ultrasonic fogging equipment to invent the “solar-seawater desalination machine” which owns the most energy-efficient feature.

Needless to say, we’re leading the world to a revolution in the desalination industry !